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Conservative treatment (without surgery). This method includes immobilization of the limb, the appointment of drugs, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy. At any stage of the disease, drugs are used to reduce pain, relieve inflammation: NSAIDs, steroid hormones, painkillers, muscle relaxants, antibacterial drugs. Treatment of bursitis with folk remedies. Rubbings, decoctions, tinctures, compresses, baths, applications, wraps, ointments, creams are used as auxiliary measures aimed at reducing the manifestations and inhibition of inflammation. All folk remedies are prepared using natural ingredients. Such drugs can be made independently.

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Surgical treatment (in cases of severe acute course of the disease). Among the methods of surgical intervention, the following are considered effective: puncture of the joint fluid, creation of conditions for the outflow of serous-purulent discharge, excision and removal of some segments of the bursa, complete removal of the bursa with all its contents. Methods of alternative medicine - hirudotherapy (using medical leeches), apitherapy (treatment with bee stings), cryotherapy (exposure to low temperatures). It is important, when the first symptoms appear, to ensure maximum rest for the joint and tendon-ligamentous apparatus. Do not delay in seeking help from medical professionals. After surgery, a long period of time is required for the full restoration of lost functions.

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It is possible to avoid the development of this disease, subject to simple rules. Necessary: constantly control body weight; avoid injury to bone joints; timely treat viral, infectious diseases, preventing their transition to a chronic form; purchase and wear comfortable, high-quality shoes; reduce mechanical, physical stress on the lower limbs; optimize the diet, daily routine; control hormonal background; when painful manifestations appear, do not postpone a visit to the doctor. Treatment and prevention of this disease does not require adherence to a strict diet and restrictions on any type of life activity. It is important to maintain an optimal balance in everything. Achilles bursitis: what is the danger of the disease?